• We are an independent consulting engineering firm specialized in industrial refrigeration, heat pump technology, and building automation.
  • We focus our activities on the needs of our clients. Our services enable the integrated evaluation of customers’ process technology systems over their entire lifecycle, with particular emphasis on spatial, technological, communicative and networked dimensional relationships.
  • We realize economically optimized concepts based on customer requirements, taking full account of environment protection and sustainability.
  • We provide high-quality professional services.
  • We plan and realize for our customers refrigeration and building services systems that are operationally secure, dependable and cost-effective.
  • Our people undergo regular training courses and continuously update their knowledge.
  • We invest in the latest organisational and technical means of enhancing our efficiency and increasing customer benefit.
  • We uphold fair and correct relations with all stakeholders: our customers, employees, suppliers, partners, and the authorities.
  • We continuously strive for adequate profitability in order to uphold our independence for the benefit of our customers