Data processing centres


Installations for cold and hot aisle housings, recirculation air coolers and InRow Chillers.

We plan and design the following specific infrastructure installations for data processing centres:

  • Redundant refrigeration systems of all kinds
  • Cooling distribution and supply systems for the various consumers in data processing centres
  • Recooling systems of all kinds
  • Heat recovery and utilization systems
  • Air-conditioning and dehumidification systems
  • Supply air distribution systems with zone regulation
  • Diesel plants for emergency power generator sets
  • Design and layout of complete hydraulic systems
  • Measurement and control technology installations

Customer benefits

  • Grosse Skalierbarkeit
  • High scalability
  • Redundancy modes and configurations
  • High energy efficiency with low PUE and CUE values
  • Low operating costs even at high thermal loading
  • Low CO2 emissions with small CO2 footprint
  • High dependability according to customer requirements (level I-IV
  • High flexibility and supply security Redundante Betriebsarten und Ausführungen


  • New EKT data processing centre in Frauenfeld, size 300 m2, PUE target value < 1.20
  • New IBM data processing centre in Meyrin (Geneva), size 1000 m2, PUE measured < 1.29
  • Upgrading of B-Source centre in Pregassona (Ticino), size 340 m2, PUE target value < 1.30 

The size of the data center refers to the pure white-space area.

Experts in this field have acclaimed our project planning services for energy and resource saving operation of data processing centres.


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