Chemical industries and pharmaceutical industries


Cold and cooling water systems for wide-ranging process conditions.

We plan and design the following specific infrastructure installations for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries:

  • Redundant refrigeration plants of all kinds
  • Cooling distribution and supply systems for consumers
  • Recooling systems of all kinds
  • Heat recovery and waste heat utilization systems
  • Air-conditioning and dehumidification systems
  • Supply air distribution systems with zone regulation
  • Design and layout of complete hydraulic systems
  • Measurement and control technology installations 

Customer benefits

  • Refrigeration installations using natural refrigerants such as ammonia, CO2 or propane
  • Good Manufacturing Practise compliant design
  • High performance scalability
  • Redundancy modes and configurations to ensure high availability
  • High energy-efficiency and economy
  • Low operating costs even at high loading
  • Low CO2 emissions with small CO2 footprint
  • High dependability and operating security
  • High flexibility and supply reliability


  • New Hoffmann La Roche building in Kaiseraugst: refrigeration with ammonia and free cooling
  • New Hoffmann La Roche building in Rotkreuz: refrigeration with ammonia
  • New Hoffmann La Roche building in Rotkreuz: refrigeration with propane 


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