acoenergy GmbH certified programmer of SOKAS (power efficiency optimization of refrigeration systems)

As of May 15, 2017, the engineering firm acoenergy GmbH is certified program partner of the subsidy program “Electricity efficiency optimization of refrigeration systems” (SOKAS).The SOKAS subsidy program is part of the “competitive tenders in the area of ​​electricity efficiency”, which is carried out by ProKilowatt on behalf of the Federal Government for Energy (BFE).

The promotion program is aimed at chemical and pharmaceutical plants in Switzerland that operate a refrigeration system with a capacity of at least 50 kWe and, with an energetic operation optimization, reduce their electricity requirements in the long-term and thus save costs.

The funding includes the following financial contributions:

  • Reduced analysis (short, coarse and fine analysis)
  • Subsidy contribution of up to 0.35 CHF per saved kWhe
  • Total funding can be up to 40% of the analysis and conversion costs

Interested? And when do you start your SOKAS implementation project?
Our experienced engineers will be pleased to work with you to develop your specific operational and technical optimization measures.